Just recenty, scholars of the Rural Impact Sourcing Technical Training in Zamboanga City held their graduation after more than six weeks of tardous lectures and intensive workshops.

The Department of Information and Communications Technology Mindanao Cluster 1 thoroughly selected 25 scholars out of the 60 applicants to be part of the program. The Rural Impact Sourcing Technical Training aimed to provide sufficient training to people from the rural areas in Zamboanga City through training them with the skills essential to start up their freelancing career. The skills include web development and design, social media and email marketing, product photography, graphics design, content writing, among others.

Ian, from Cagayan de Oro, led the 6-week training. The scholars consisted of freelancer workers who have been in the industry for quite some time, unemployed people trying to find a decent job and students who are looking for part time jobs through online working.

The scholars really worked hard to complete the tasks needed to be able to finish the training and to get a certificate. With the efforts of Ian who really pushed the scholars to their limits, 18 of the 22 scholars got certificates of completion,2 got certificates of participation and 2 others got certificates of attendance. A few of them were hired before the training ended, others are given job offers by their business partners.

One significant outcome of Ian’s efforts is a digital company established by two of his trainees, Jehan Forro and Raquelle Asa, NARRA DIGITAL. This sourcing company was founded by the two through their advocacy to help people from the rural areas of Zamboanga acquire sustainable source of living. Their mission is to equip people with digital skillsthat are on demand right now. Also, they plan to put up a hub, complete with the necessary facilities for online working, a big help to those who have great talent but have very limited resources. Additionaly, two other trainees, Ellis Marc Calisang and Rodina Soterio, were hired while they are still on training and are earning more then 10,000 monthly for a part time job.

This was a very significant achievement for Ian as he exerted a lot just to make sure the trainees would succeed. And he didn’t fail.

“The DICT gave me diamonds but they’re still in the rubble. It took me a lot to turn them into gems, and they did. They are my precious masterpiece.”- Dionaldo, in his speech during the graduation.

The Zamboanga RISTT scholars beated the record of having the most number of completers and the highest amount of sales among all the other RISTT held on other parts of the country.

Ian partnered with the founders of Narra Digital to help out in their cause. Also, he is planning to establish a branch of in Zamboanga City to promote the local businesses in the area.[simple_tooltip content=’This is the content for the tooltip bubble’]This triggers the tooltip[/simple_tooltip]

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