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Yema Cake in a Can Sweet Cravings by Mags


What would a yema cake inside a can give you? Something creamy to bring out the goodness in life, or something sweet to take all bitterness away? Actually, it’s both.

Sweet Cravings by Mags brings you the good things in life stuffed inside a can.  Sweet Cravings by Mags makes a twist to the typical cakes. The staff makes these cakes with love and a touch of dedication. Thus, one bite would hook you into tasting every bit of these sweet treats.


Yema is a popular Pinoy sweet that is made of egg yolks and condensed milk.  Easy to make yet Sweet Cravings by Mags pits an exceptional effort in making this Pinoy pasalubong even yummier. Yema Cake in a Can is a type of chiffon or sponge cake infused with cream cheese then flavored with Yema. Also, it’s so creamy and cheesy, perfect for all occasions!



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