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Vjandep Bibingka 1's


Vjandep Bibingka is an all-time favorite snack Filipinos throughout the years. This popular rice cake is always on every Filipino table especially during the holidays.

Rice cakes in the Philippines are part of our traditions. Whether it’s Christmas season, New Year, Lenten, or just an ordinary day, you can always find pleasure in eating bibingka. To many, the celebration of the dawn mass during Christmas is not complete without having a bite of bibingka. A hot cup of chocolate or coffee jump starts your day. Vjandep’s makes this bibingka from pure coconut milk and sugar. It is very soft and fluffy you can’t afford to take another piece or two.


Eleanor Popera Jose, a true blooded Camiguingnon, was the first to commercialize PASTEL on January 8, 1990, from what was left of her husband’s Christmas bonus, thus dated the beginnings of VjANDEP PASTEL (pronounced with silent “j”, which stands for Virgilio Jose AND Eleanor Popera). The initial capital of P120.00 has yielded three dozens of the said buns which doubled the following day and onwards. It was just simply a hobby at first until Ella saw a great potential in the product, thus, she continued producing PASTEL up to this date.

Make everyday sweet. Have a bite of Vjandep’s Bibingka and taste the goodness of life.


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