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Sweet Chili, Garlic and Onion in Olive Oil 200g

390.00 330.00

Shiga Sweet Chili Garlic in Olive Oil is a special concoction which made Shiga made its name on the list of the best sauce makers in the region. Made from organic ingredients like natural hiney and sea salt, this is one to match every dish you serve on the table.


Shiga was born in 2008 from the desire to help a group of Higaonon chili farmers in the cool mountain forests of Bukidnon.

From a playful experiment of just a handful of organic chilis in the region comes a successful organic concoction. In addition to the spiciness of chili are the exotic taste and aroma of garlic bathed in pure olive oil. Furthermore, the natural preservatives, salt alongside wild honey, complements to the richness and perfection of the organic ingredients.

The Shiga that is out in the market today is the product of years of inspiration and hard work. It’s the fire of a thousand chilis in one bottle! From “Chiga” (Chili Garlic) 10 years ago, they became “Shiga” (Sili Higaonon). This is a tribute to the Higaonon chili farmers who had inspired the brand. Now Shiga is more than just the Shiga chili sauce. They’re already Shiga Kitchen Classics, proud Mindanaoans creating healthier, tastier ways to enjoy traditional Filipino recipes.

Explore more concoctions from Shiga such as the popular Shiga Sakurab Palapa in Olive Oil. Store at room temperature, away from direct sunlight. Keep bottle sealed tight after use and store in the fridge.


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