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Spice of Life turmeric capsules

Potent, superior-quality turmeric capsules from Bukidnon. Helps in the fight against cancer, depression, heart disease, among many ailments.


Turmeric  supplements have been gaining waves, and with good reason: as the famous herb is not only a powerful cancer fighter, but it also helps with depression, heart disease, arthritis management, among many others…without much of the side effects that their conventional medications bring.

However, the bandwagon effect of turmeric’s popularity guarantees that not all turmeric products are created equal. More often than not, most turmeric products out there are merely done to cash in on the herb’s fame.

Spice Of Life 100% organic turmeric capsule supplement, lovingly made by lifelong organic farmers and health advocates, is one of the few products you can trust. The turmeric used for Spice Of Life is aged for potency and is organically grown, making the product more potent that most others offered in the market.

It is rare to find a turmeric product in the market this potent, and you can now get your bottle delivered to your doorstep. Please place your order on or before Wednesday, as Thursday is when supplier delivers to CDO, which is then shipped to you in the evening of that day.


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