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Shiga Chili Sakurab Palapa in Olive Oil 210 g

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Sakurab (white scallion) is a variant of the Allium species along with onions and garlic. All of which grow in bulbs. Shiga Sakurab Palapa comes close to the traditional Maranao appetizer, especially paired with the famous Beef Rendang. The bulbous ends of native scallions are crushed together with ginger, salt, and chilis, then bottled in pure olive oil.

While a variety of condiments spice up most of the dishes in Southern Philippines, nothing matches to the exceptional taste Shiga Sakurab gives. The taste is unique to your taste buds, making you crave for more rice. The world knows that Pinoys are rice-loving people, thus this is a distinctive addition to the many reasons why many love to visit the Philippines.


Shiga Sakurab gives an exciting twist to the typical palapa. A unique combination of white scallions, olive oil, garlic, onion, ginger, chili, salt, wild honey, and turmeric make this Maranao condiment even special. Not only does this special mix of spices add to the taste of Asian dishes. It also helps in weight loss. Furthermore, the garlic in Shiga Sakurab also lowers the risk of cancer development.

Shiga also processes other condiments such as the popular Shiga Classic Chili Sauce.


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