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Robusta - Excelsa Coffee 250g

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Robusta – Excelsa Coffee by Kapeng Lumad is one of the local products from Northern Mindanao. From the vast coffee plantations of Gingoog City comes another amazing treat to all coffee lovers.

Coffee is one of the world’s most popular drinks. Most people started drinking cups of coffee just to feel more alert and awake and to get them through the day. But those were just commonly what drinkers are up to aside from its addictive taste and aroma. Some might still be unaware but scientific study has appeared reporting the hidden health benefits of the liquid lightning.


Excelsa is another coffee variety, as with Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. Scientifically known as Coffea Dewerti, Excelsa contributes to 7% of coffee production around the globe. The Excelsa beans have a distinctive flavor profile like that of a tart or a ripened fruit. The Excelsa powder adds complexity and character to the coffee blend. These coffee beans are cultivated in the highlands of Gingoog and shapes are like that of tears.

How to make the perfect brew

In making the perfect Excelsa brew, use pure spring water for it brings out the Excelsa’s natural aroma. Like most coffee beans, Kapeng Lumad Robusta-Excelsa coffee can be brewed using a French press, the regular coffee maker, or even in a large-sized thermos. Then, add your desired amount of sugar to match your taste. If you love things to come in sweet, you can add a small amount of milk, just enough not to cover the taste of coffee.

Keep away from moisture and extreme heat. Separate this bag from pungent spices like garlic and onion to keep the aroma intact. Store at room temperature and keep the bag sealed.

Get energized and have a cup of Robusta-Excelsa Coffee from Kapeng Lumad. This goes perfectly well with your favorite rice cakes and bread.


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