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Roast Arabica Beans Kapeng Lumad 250 g

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Roast Arabica Beans by Kapeng Lumad is one of the local products from Northern Mindanao. From the vast coffee plantations of Gingoog City comes another amazing treat to all coffee lovers.

Coffee is one of the world’s most popular drinks. Most people started drinking cups of coffee just to feel more alert and awake and to get them through the day. But those were just commonly what drinkers are up to aside from its addictive taste and aroma. Some might still be unaware but scientific study has appeared reporting the hidden health benefits of the liquid lightning.


Most of the coffee enthusiasts prefer Roast Arabica coffee beans than the other coffee bean variants. Here are few of the distinguished qualities of Arabica beans that make these among the most sought coffees in the market.


Roast Arabica has a very wide range of taste from sweet soft to tangy taste. Compared to Robusta beans, Arabica presents a sweeter and more neutral taste


Roast Arabica beans are far more pleasant aroma than other coffee variants. Since these are less stronger, the aroma scented out when these are roasted are more fruitful and sugary.

Get energized and have a cup of Roast Arabica Coffee from Kapeng Lumad. This goes perfectly well with your favorite rice cakes and bread.


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