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Kapeyapaan Pure Arabica Coffee 200 g



Kapeyapaan’s Cofee for Peace farmers grows this Arabica Coffee in the vast farms in the mountains of Davao del Sur.

The farmers at Kapeyapaan Coffee For Peace harvest the coffee grains carefully. They then process these grains with quality at the production level. Coffee for Peace trains farmers and guides them in making the best Arabica beans for the perfect coffee experience.


Because of its unique taste, most coffee lovers prefer Pure Arabica Coffee than any other types of coffee. Arabic Coffee (Coffea Arabica) is among the species of coffee that make the best coffee blends. This makes it fitting for those who love their coffees with a touch of sweetness. The aroma the coffee beans bring in a cup presents an often fragrant and chocolatey twist. Most important to note, pure Arabica Coffee contains lesser caffeine than the stronger Robusta coffee species.


This coffee concept comes from a combination of two words: kape (coffee) and kapayapaan (peace). Its name suggests a rather deeper meaning to the people of Davao del Sur.

Kapeyapaan caters to a community of farmers and harvesters in the Philippines who share the same goal. This goal is the continuous improvement to produce quality coffee for everybody. Kapeyapaan coffee harvesters regularly present these beans to coffee enthusiasts from many parts of the world. They do this for quality assurance and improvement. This is to make sure that they only make high-quality coffee grains for export to other parts of the world.

Kapeyaaan Coffee For Peace commits to enhancing the lives of the coffee growers in the region. Much as they want to help, the farmers also aid in sustaining the community’s economy. They help the coffee business in the area by growing the best grains. Kapeyapaan gives you the perfect Arabica coffee blend for the best coffee experience. 

Experience a coffee experience like no other with Kapeyapaan Pure Arabica Coffee. 


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