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Nut Cracker Sugar Coated Peanuts 100g


An all-time Pinoy favorite, Nut Cracker Sugar Coated Peanuts, something you shouldn’t dare to miss when you are in Cagayan de Oro. These packs of salted nuts would surely relieve you of the stress in the city. The makers bake and roast these peanuts to perfection, using peanuts that are native to the region. These peanuts are coated with natural sugar that enhances the taste and gives the crunchy texture, perfect for those who love sweets.


The Nutcracker Homemade Product was established in August 2004. Since then, they have been processing and manufacturing quality peanut-based products. Production involves high-quality processes with proper sanitary procedures and control. Most of all, the products have absolutely no preservatives. Currently, THE NUTCRACKER HOMEMADE PRODUCT has a distribution system in place in some of the major department stores. It also has independent dealers for direct selling. Hotels and some restaurants use their peanuts for their customers. It is also one of the fast-growing “Pasalubong” peanut delicacies of Cagayan de Oro.

Nut Cracker Sugar Coated Peanuts

Peanuts are always with every Pinoy traveler. These are just perfect for long, dull rides to the provinces. The Nutcracker Homemade Product gives the ordinary Pinoy “mani” a sweet and crunchy taste. Just to make sure you don’t choke on them during your bumpy rides, always have a bottle of water handy.


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