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Moringa and mangosteen in a cup? Just the perfect health drink. Infused with the nutrients present in moringa (malunggay) and mangosteen, this Moringa Gold Coffee gives a boost of immunity to everyone who takes a sip of this coffee.

What can MORINGA and MALUNGGAY do to your body?


Most commonly known as malunggay in the Philippines, Moringa Oleifera does a lot of benefits to the body. To mention, its leaves contain various antioxidants that fight against free radicals that cause harm to the immune system and the body in general. Also, Moringa effectively reduces the risk of diabetes. It helps lower cholesterol level to maintain a healthy heart, thus reduces the risk of serious heart diseases.


As healthy as moringa, mangosteen is also an effective organic ingredient present in this Moringa Gold Coffee. Packed with a variety of nutrients, the mangosteen in this healthy coffee powder help reduce the risk of various forms of cancer. Mangosteen also aids in maintaining the healthy flow of blood in the body.


Green Pastures Corporation is a 100% Filipino-owned integrated company. They plant Moringa and other popular herbs. They manufacture Moringa-based products and distribute them through the company’s channels. GPC is a homegrown-integrated company based in Cagayan de Oro, the Philippines. Homegrown because we started as a micro-enterprise. Integrated because they develop their own farm. They also process their own products and innovate a dynamic product distribution system. They give business opportunities to everyone. Do your skin a favor and get a bottle of Moringa Oil today!





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