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Go Bananas Cheese 250g


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Indulge in a unique experience as you go for an amazing adventure in the mountain trails of Bukidnon. Of course, here to match your excitement is this Go Bananas Camote Chips. It isn’t just an ordinary chip, it’s crunchy an tasty, not to mention the nutrients you get from each bite.


Not just an ordinary snack, Go Bananas Cheese Chips is packed with nutrients that give your body the boost it needs. Go Bananas Cheese Chips gives a sweet twist to the typical banana chips. The goodness of cheese enhances its flavor. Just one bite will surely hook you into getting some more. Also, it has no artificial flavors added, just salt, vegetable oil, banana.


Go Bananas Cheese Chips is a quality product of NM Food Products in Bukidnon. The bananas used are native to the region and are of high quality. NM Food Products processes each slice individually, ensuring everyone gets the perfect crunchiness. Go Bananas Cheese Chips is good snacks during your trail walks to the mountains of Bukidnon as well as during your bus trips. This is also a perfect munch whenever you get tired of walking and you have to get a bit of rest. A few chats with your friends and many bites of this Go Bananas Cheese Chips is not that bad at all.



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