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Cheese Sticks 300 g


Best Friend Johnnie’s Cheese Sticks comes from the heart of Balulang, Cagayan de Oro. This is among the best treats you could munch on and take home with you from your travels to The City of Golden Friendship. Perfectly delicious and mouth-watering, Bestfriend Johnnie’s Cheese Sticks is the answer to your cravings for good food.

Every piece of these cheese sticks is perfectly made for individual serving. Thus you don’t need to worry about leftovers, you can get these from the chiller anytime you want. Shelf life is about two to three weeks when refrigerated.

A Remedy for Cheese-Craving

So you’re a cheese addict and longs for perfectly creamy cheesy goodness. Well, search no more. This creamy and cheesy Cheese Sticks from Best Friend Johnnie will definitely satisfy your taste buds. Did you know that consuming cheese at least once a day helps supply the lack of Calcium in your body? Calcium is essential for good bone growth and muscle nutrition. Also, cheese helps sustain body heat, especially in cold and damp weather conditions. It is a good source of Vitamin D that we usually get from the sun.

Go get a few boxes now and make way for a healthier snack. Best Friend Johnnie also makes butterscotch squares and pastillas. Both along with these cheese sticks are available at Have these goodies delivered to you in just a few clicks.


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