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Brownie Popsicles by Sweet Cravings by Mags

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Brownie and Popsicle in one? Who would make such things? Only Sweet Cravings by Mags makes the best and most delicious sweets that are adored not only by the mouth but also by the heart.

Introducing a new addition to the best and unique sweets in the Philippines, Brownie Popsicle. This exceptional masterpiece of Sweet Craving by Mags will surely drool you out just by its looks. Anybody who fancies sweet and colorful treats would definitely get a few sticks without any hesitation.


Sweet Cravings by Mags is home to a number of sweets treats for those who have a sweet tooth. Now, Chef Mags’ fridge chills an interestingly sweet creation. A sweet and colorful twist to the typical brownies, these Brownie Popsicles tickles your palate. Chef Mags infuses the crunchiness of brownies with the creamy and sweet melted candy covering the chunky brownies. Perfect for your party treats!


Making these Brownie Popsicles is not much of a hassle. In fact, you can make it at home. Just make the regular brownies that you’re used to, add the melted candy or chocolate fudge, then you’re good to go. Just chill for about 30 mins in the freezer and serve. Sweet Cravings by Mags’ Assorted Brownies are also available now at


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