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Mercedes Bakery Biscocho 145 g


Mercedes” a name that resembles gracious gifts or benefits. The name also suggests the goodies Biscocho and other cookies that Mercedes Bakery offers to Cagay-anons. Mercedes is one of the emerging bake shops in Cagayan de Oro City. Mercedes Mejia started making this tasty pasalubong in February 2007, thus the name Mercedes Bakeshop.


Back in the days, Biscocho was just a typical snack for the people of Tablon, along with other bread like pan de sal and regular buns. Accidentally, a fire broke out and wrecked the little bake shop. Apparently hopeful and determined, the owners transferred along the national highway on JR Borja Stree where it currently stands. Since then, Mercedes Bake Shop has continued to flourish and provides the daily dose of goodness to every Cagay-anons. Probably, what seemed to be a tragic event to others became the turning point of Mercedes.



Mercedes perfectly bakes the famous Biscocho, one of the best pasalubongs from the City of Golden Friendship. Adding a twist to the typical bread, Mercedes mixes butter and sugar in a subtle manner just enough to bring out the goodness in you. Among the many bakeshops in the city, Mercedes Bake Shop bakes the best pieces of bread, most importantly their Biscocho. This sweet delight goes perfectly fine with coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. This also goes well even with ordinary juice.

Experience a wonderful and sweet treat with Mercedes’ Biscocho and let the good times roll.


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