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Banana Chocochip Walnut Loaf by Sweet Cravings by Mags


Have you ever heard of Banana, Choco Chips, and Walnut stuffed in one delicious loaf? That sounds heavenly! From the makers of some of the finest sweets and desserts in Cagayan de Oro, Sweet Cravings by Mags, comes another sweet masterpiece. An enticing bread that will satisfy your cravings for good food, that’s what Banana Chocochip Walnut Loaf is all about.


Moist and dense, this loaf is one of the bestsellers of Sweet Cravings by Mags. Mags Acapulco puts a twist on the typical banana loaf bread by adding chocolatey choco chips that give its crunchy texture. The walnuts in the loaf add to its nutty and exciting goodness. Most noteworthy is the delicious bananas that are used to bake this bread is native to Cagayan de Oro. These bananas make it taste so good.

Sweet Cravings by Mags is one of the emerging sweets cafes in Cagayan de Oro. There is more in store for you aside from this delicious Banana Choco Chip Walnut Loaf.  This cafe offers more sweet treats you can share with your family. Also available are Almond Ensaymadas, Blueberry Cheese Cakes, and more.

Order now and let the sweetness in life overflow.


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