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Banana Chips 150 g


From the province of Carmen Cagayan de Oro comes down a sweet treat for all the banana lovers out there. Mountain’s Best Banana Chips are thin, crunchy slices of native bananas added with natural sweetener for a healthy finish. These crisps are favorite pasalubongs from the province and a pride of the Philippines.

The world knows that the Philippines is among the top producers of bananas not only in Southeast Asia but also all around the world. Alongside India and Vietnam, the Philippines produces fine variants of bananas for export and local consumption.

What’s in a Banana Chip?

Mountain’s Best Banana Chips contain nutrients that are equal to the typical bananas. Not only is this a tasty snack but also a nutritious one. A pack of banana chips contains enough fiber to help that is helpful for a balanced diet. It also contains potassium enough to maintain a healthy heart. Furthermore, potassium is also good for muscle functions. It also contains just enough fat to keep your body function well.

Grab a few packs now and have a healthier snack as an alternative to junk foods.


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