Pasalubong Ideas: DAVAO REGION

Even  before the election of Pres. Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte as President of the Philippines, Davao has already been one of the best places to visit. Notnly because of the beautiful tourist destinations but also because of the people who are really hospitable and warm-welcoming.

So we give you these pasalubong ideas you can bring with you from your travels to Davao Region.

DAVAO CITY Durian Fruit and Jam

Though regarded as a very odorous fruit, the durian is one of the best-tasting fruit and product of Davao City. The durian can be made into jams and are often filled inside buns,as in the famous Pastel by Vjandep.

Durian Fruit, one of the best pasalubong from Davao City


COMPOSTELA VALLEY Gold and Jewelries

Comvaleños have made gold mining one of their sources of income in the region. From the vast gold deposits in Mount Diwalwal, people have really mastered their craft in making gold and silver jewelries that are mostly made for export.

Jewelries made from the gold mined by many in the wide rivers of Compostela Valley



Davao del Norte is one of the leading regions where there are wide banana plantations. Banana chips are thinned slices of any variants of the banana fruit, most common variants are lakatan and latundan.

The best banana chips in Davao del Norte


Bayong or baskets made from Nito grass is one of the main exports of the region. These crafts are hand-woven by the people of Davao Occidental. Most people use these baskets to store goods and other stuff to keep these away from cats and insects. These grass crafts come in different designs.

Baskets made from grass

DAVAO DEL SUR Mer’s Delicacies

Situated at the heart of Digos City in Davao del Sur, Mer’s Delicacies serves the best-tasting bibingka, suman and other rice cakes. These delicacies are served any time of the day.

Mers delicacies: the best Bibingka in Davao del Sur


Pure cocoa tastes very good, whether it’s made as chocolate drink or candy bars. Davao Oriental has a vast plantation of cocoa, which made it one of the cocoa capitals in the Philippines.

Pure cocoa which is to make chocolate bars and drinks


Whenever you take a tour with your travel buddies in Davao Region, don’t forget to buy these pasalubong to your friends and families back home.

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