How It All Started is a one stop service platform for locally made products expressive of its advocacy to help SMEs grow and become sustainable by enabling them to connect to their customers conveniently and showcase their products and business in a way that will create a strong positive image of Philippines in general and the Filipino products in particular. We always strive to create warm, emotional, social and sensory experiences and interactions with our customers, partners, and stakeholders. started when one of the founders, Marl Ian Dionaldo, see how a local product maker created an impact to the community it has partnered. Having more than 5 years of experience in the Local Products Industry, Marl was motivated and inspired by how much an SME producing or making an impact to the community by providing sustainable income to marginalized Filipinos like coconut farmers and people who had low educational attainment but are still able to get a good earning job by being an employee of a local product producer and maker.


Our advocacy is to help SMEs producing and making local products grow their business and become sustainable thus helping them help more people in their community. Also, we would like to bring convenient access of people to locally made and produced products all over the country.

n all our communications efforts, we always express our advocacy in promoting the country particularly Filipino craftsmanship and creativity and our aim to help at least 100,000 Small and medium size businesses grow and create a sustainable source of income to it’s employees and shareholders and contribute a positive impact to the community it belong.

We create tailored fit business solutions that enables SMEs reach, serve and connect with customers conveniently and help them focus on running and growing their business efficiently and effectively. we strive to help SMEs showcase their business/products in a higher level enabling them to compete in the mainstream market and inculcate a strong positive image of Filipino businesses and products and help them stay relevant on the ever changing market.

We continuously ensure that we always create warm, social, sensory and positively strong emotional experiences and interactions with our customers, partner SMEs and stakeholders. is all about honoring and promoting Filipino Culture and Products – this is embedded within the core value of the brand.We want to contribute positive change to the world by helping the Filipino small to medium local products producers and makers grow their business and become sustainable while creating a convenient way for people to buy locally made and produced products.

We do this for the love our country, our culture, our people and to help in creating positive change that will make the world a better place.

We do this right in our own locality and then spread through the whole country and the whole world.

By applying our knowledge and experience in the local products industry and combining it with the latest technological trends, we will change the way how people buy and sell locally made and produced products, making it easy and convenient to do.